Class Policies




The Brevoort Park Community Association recognizes that situations change and things come up in the busy lives of our members. To reflect this, we do whatever we can to be flexible when it comes to people that need to be refunded for any of our programs.

Here are a few guidelines that we abide by:

Community Membership:

Fees for memberships are non-refundable.  If you register for a class and it is canceled or you are unable to attend, we are still unable to refund membership fees.  Your membership is valid until August 31st, 2020 and is recognized by other Community Associations in Saskatoon.

Regular Program Refunds:

Programs cancelled by the Brevoort Park Community Association before start of program will be refunded in full. 

Programs cancelled by the Brevoort Park Community Association after the start of program, refunds will be prorated based on the remaining number of classes.

Refund requests by participants must be submitted prior to the start of the 2nd scheduled class.  There are no refunds after the second class in any program.

Specialty Program/Activity Refunds ‚ó¶Please note that refund requests must be submitted one week prior to the 1st scheduled class, such as special classes held during school breaks or a noted specialty program.

Class Cancellations

Please note cancellation dates for your chosen program.

Community programs are canceled by our school's facilities management on days when schools are closed. 

In the event of a class cancellation, it is the duty of the instructor to inform the participants in advance if he/she is able to do so.  It’s important that we have a valid email to notify you of such an occurrence.

If a class is cancelled due to instructor illness or a cancellation issued by the school, we will contact the participants as soon as we are made aware of the cancellation.